Jun 25, 2012

Firefly Fanartica and some Random Bits

After neglecting the awesome Fanartica Tumblr fo far too long I decided i'd jump into their Joss Whedon theme for June and do some drawings for an Imaginary Firefly Animated movie. I'd watch the hell out of that btw just in case if anybody out there can make that happen...

Random Skeletor Challenge with my colleagues Carlos V. Dustin D. And Clayton S.

Nother random Challenge with the dudes.



David Fedan said...

These are awesome, Jorge!!!

Didn't know you were a fellow Browncoat.

I love the one of Jayne (with his knitted orange cap from his Mom). said...

Thanks Dave! Yeah ya gotta love Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton!

Ben Lo said...

awesome Jorge, awesome pencil drawings, i love that Jayne painting, you should post more of your other drawings too

Chris Ferguson said...

Love this! You're a hero amongst men and women, sir!

Jeff Harter said...

Wow Jorge, nice stuff!

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