Apr 25, 2012

Rafa: Watercolor Study

As soon as I read Scott Fischer's Tutorial on mimicing watercolor through Photoshop I could feel my fingers itching to give it a try. 

   Co worker Mauricio pointed out that the Hipstamatic shot makes it look like a red pen. 

I started off much the same as Scott, scanning a piece of Watercolor paper and doing a sketch in blue ballpoint pen. I scanned and multiplied my drawing onto the watercolor texture and soon after that things got rapidly out of control. 

I probably should have kept track of the changes but its tough when your trying to create both a sense of spontaneity and control. I used a combination of all of Scott's techniques then filtered it through my own penchant for unsharp mask and layer blend modes (overlay) This was fun, but it wasn't any more efficient or immediate than actual watercolor. Now it's time to go find a nice, thick piece of illustration board and dust off the old Brandes water color method...

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