Feb 1, 2012

So This Is A New Year

Baraka done for a quickie challenge with the ever talented posse of Carlos V. & Gavin G. 

Whoa it's already the 2nd month of 2012, an appropriate time for a mini art dump. Most of these were done in between assignments, or when i just felt like doodling on the ol' Cintiq or ipad.

Lots has been going on in Casa Lacera, I can't wait to talk about it here on the blog in the near future. But first there are going to be be some changes to the blog format, in an effort to keep me blogging more regularly about the many art related things I love. I'm going to shift the focus a bit to highlighting artwork and artists that have influenced me and my sense of aesthetic over the years. I want to also focus more on technique and art tips. Feel free to email me with wither questions or suggestions for articles!

 In the mean time I hope these various noodlings will tide those over who need tidings.




Shirley said...

Wonderful work! Looking forward to popping in this year! : )

Kalen Chock said...

your stuff is amazing man!! keep it up

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