Jan 6, 2010

New Year: New Site, New Post

First and foremost I'm really happy to announce my new website has gone live! Check out It's been a long time coming but after months of noodling it I finally took a step back and realized "Hey this aint half bad!". It's a work in progress and like all art, it's hard to say when its actually "done" so feel free to peruse the galleries and email me your feedback.

I also just had a few more Dungeons and Dragons images published over at Dungeon Magazine so I can show off a few:

...and a few lunchtime doodles from sketchday

If 2010 is anything like the end of 2009 it's going to be an awesome one...thanks to all of you who've commented and kept me busy with yet another year of blogging!

Let's own 2010.


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