Mar 2, 2010

BLOG I have neglected thee...and that aint right...

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry. I know there is no excuse for neglecting you for so, so long. But I hope you'll understand that work, moving and selling a home are important things that take time. I'm also sorry for posting on other blogs.

I miss you. Please take me back.

I hope these few pieces will convince you that I'm still interested in continuing our relationship.

Yours Forever,



laurghita said...

Apologies accepted.

Carlos V. said...

DUDE!!!! This made my morning, thank you! said...

Laurghita: *Whew!* Wipes sweat from forehead...

Carlos V.: Your welcome. That IS what I'm here for.

DID you hear that Mauro is back in Miami? Have you talked to him lately?

Jacob McAlister said...

good to see you posting again man. Always inspiring bro.

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