Feb 4, 2011

Couple of F.O.B's

What a ref!

These are a few drawing warm ups that got out of hand...


Lady T said...

The top guy is fantastic ;D He reminds me a litte of the 'strange' types you see in my city wearing the most inappropriate t shirts! He would join their ranks no prob!

James Groman said...

These are awesome, Jorge.
I would love to see a finished book/cover style illustration like this!

Thomas Zenteno said...

Love your work Jorge! Can't wait to see what other challenges you do with Gavin and Carlos. said...

Ha! There's always some one like that walking around every city looking clueless. Thanks for commenting!

James G:
I know, I'm going to have to take a break from these somewhat fast drawings and focus on something more substantial, problem is they're so much fun...

Thomas Zenteno:
Hey thanks Thomas, make sure to check out our newest X-men reimaginings.

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