Feb 13, 2011

The Astonishing Assholes- Wolverine

Savage High School Dropout: Wolverine is the story of a young man whose principal interests are sex, ultra-violence, and beer

The Astonishing Assholes are the X-men by way of  Kick-Ass. As Carlos puts it: "The Astonishing Assholes is a reinvention of the X-men. Young, jaded assholes that have no purpose but to listen to loud music and smash a few heads. They smoke, drink and fuck. Everything your normal teenager does."

Make sure to check out Carlos's Beast and Gavin's Cyclops.




Pixel Pirate said...

This is So So DOPE Lacera. You've come a long way my friend. Lets see some more A**holes!(No Homo)

mharv said...

These are outstanding. Well done, my friend. I've shared with a few fellow comic book dorks as well.

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