Mar 3, 2010

Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson

In 20,995, a quarrel broke out between Haakon and the Trønders just as Olaf Tryggvason, a descendant of Harald Fairhair arrived. Haakon quickly lost all support, and was killed by his own slave and friend, Tormod Kark, while hiding in the pig sty in the farm Rimul in Melhus.


Laurghita said...

Oh, this is sick. I just imagine you stealth switch a painting with this in a respectable old man house.

Jacob McAlister said...

yer like a digital Banksy. love it

Carlos V. said...

awesome dude, it reminds me of some portraits I did in college, where is the story from?

mauricio salmon said...

haha, this is cool.

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