Dec 1, 2009


"Among the most horrific creatures found in
Codricuhn’s employ, the terraguhls are sentient
mounds of grave dirt, replete with twitching corpses
trapped in their bodies and compelled by madness
and wickedness to bury their enemies alive."

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Codricuhn, the Blood Storm

D&D piece done for the Dungeon Magazine

What is it about monsters that makes them so much fun to draw/paint? Being a horror movie fan, I've given it some thought and I think there's something primal and weird about horror as a genre that is attractive to artists. The genre is so flexible: horror is a fertile ground for imagination, and there is a rich tradition attached to it from Goya to Del Toro.

I'll be posting more Illos from this article later this week so keep dem eyes. peeled...


Carlos V. said...

so sweet so sweet!!!!!! WOW!! I like how it is still loose and I love the atmosphere around the monster!

James Groman said...

...Dude, you are ready to go to work on the next Lovecraft movie and/or The Thing remake!
Good stuff!

Jacob McAlister said...

Hell YEah! Maybe he just needs a hug?

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