Nov 17, 2009

CG HUB Bi-Weekly Jam 20: JEDI Concept

My entry for the Bi-Weekly Jam 20: JEDI Concept :

Once I saw that topic I couldn't shake the thought of a lightsaber hand. I wanted to go for a Toshiro Mifune style Jedi Ronin, wandering the solar system looking for a good gamble or a village that needs saving (for the right price).


Carlos V. said...

pretty sweet homey!! That saber claw will cut you up!!!! Im pretty sure I will do the next one after seeing this!!!

Laurghita said...

Original concept, thank you.

mauricio salmon said...

haha.. this is great parce.

Megan Newcomer Lacera said...

Still not sure why this high profile site would have a name so close to "Chub." But this piece is exceptional, Jorgito.

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