May 20, 2009

Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

Thanks for checking back in on a late Weds. edition of concept Wednesdays!

This is the final Speqtors post ( for now) and the cover for our one sheet. As you can see it depicts our ghost busting family in a quiet moment before the proverbial storm.

From left to right: Edwin: Dad skeptic and scholar. Sydney: Mom worlds most powerful pshycic. Ben: fashionista. Claire: heart of the family, also her sweater is possessed with the soul of a 1000 year old kungfu master.

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Check in next week for more art and concepts!



james groman said...

Wonderful stuff happening on this blog. Your concept pieces for this property have such rich atmosphere. Dreamlike.This illustration style would make for a great childrens' novel/pitch book. said...

Thanks Jim it means alot coming from you, Megan and I are still hammering out the details but we're pretty proud of our concept!

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