May 13, 2009

Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors Part 2!

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

It's Wednesday and you know what that means!

Here is another concept showing the youngest member of the Speqtor family, Claire, meeting up for a play date with a ghost friend of hers... you know, like kids do.

The Speqtors takes place in the historic town of Miskatonic, Mass. I knew from the get go that I did not want it to look like other shows on tv (saturated colors, no variation in tone, heavy black outlines etc.) so I opted to go with a richer color palette, with limited bright colors acting as accents. I wanted the Speqtors to literally bring color and life to the dreary dead township.

Hope you dig it, and as always comments are REALLY appreciated. I'll be posting more Speq stuff next Weds.



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Carlos V. said...

Very beautiful dude!! Very Caroline-esque.

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