Sep 7, 2006

Painter Process

Just found an old piece i never finished, figured i'd finish it and go ahead and track the process of how i do a digi Painting in Painter.

I usually start the basic drawing directly in Painter IX using the Cover Pencil Brush with the opacity set to 50%, adding and taking away lines as needed but still keeping it rough and loose. I lay down an initial tone on a seperate layer and set it to Gel to get a better sense of the final color.

I then usually continue layering color using the Cover Brush until i get a nice sense of shape and form, in this case i also changed my tone color to better match my line work.

More to come...


sarah said...

Hey Jorge!

Thanks for the kind comment on my site! I'm so glad you commented too because it lead me over here to look at your art. This is very awesome stuff. Digital painting still has me baffled most times and you make it look so easy :)


mauricio salmon said...

true. keep em coming parrrce!

Jeff Harter said...

Jorge, this is cool. I want painter...

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