Sep 20, 2006

Insufficient Postage

Sorry about the lack of posts blog peeps. Although i may not have new postings thank goodness my talented friends do!


  • Beautiful Illustrations! Love her colors! OOOohHH


  • "A bunch of mints trying to change the world the only way they know how - arguments. And lots of them"

    Cool tv show concept created by the Uber talented Ryan Weisbrock. Keep an eye on this blog.


  • The awesome Jim Groman just posted some killer concept art for a faux film project we worked on called "WAR OF THE COLLOSSAL FREAKS OF FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET" I'll post my designs soon and hopefully Carlos Villagra will post his pieces as well.

    Thats all for now stay tuned.......


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    mauricio salmon said...

    thanks for those links paaarce! now get to work on those posts, it's always a good day when el lacera posts some goodness.

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