Feb 1, 2006


This weeks entry for the Sketch-o-Rama Blog. The bike was a nightmare and i'm not entirely thrilled with it in the end but i did like working on a vehicle for once, next time i'll take a much more stylized approach.


Carlos V. said...

appropriate title for this piece man, cause it looks like it was a bitch to excecute. I think you strayed from your style in this one...I might be wrong though. I think your stuff is more successful when it seems more effortless and fun.

Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

nice design on both the girl and the bike, man. yo, can u tell me how you do the reflection on the ground? it's really convincing. said...

yeah i agree with you on that Carlos, this one didnt come out as fluidly as the others, but i did learn alot about how far you can stratch a style like this before it starts to break.

Hey John i just copied the main image, overlayed it in a separate layer and messed with the opacity, try messing with the blend change options too.

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