Jan 27, 2006

Art Echo

I love being able to see artistic influences in artwork. In certain works you can almost track a whole lineage of a design styles in one piece. I just happened to come across a mother load of Mary Blair Illustrations at the awesome ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Project Blog, Ronnie Del Carmen recently posted this great caricature of John Lasseter on his blog as a part of an ongoing series of people he works with. Great homage to the Blair style.

As a side note i think this Pixar Disney merger is amazing news. I thnk it means we'll get better quality animation across the board and the full $upport of the Disney corporation behind Pixar which is stupendous.

Much luck to all involved.


Dan said...

Looking at the movement of Disney shares, 50.6% going to Jobs, and Lasseter and Catmull overseeing both companies animation teams, I think you can say Pixar got Disney and Disney paid for it.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Wow! Good pull! I'm with you, this Disney/Pixar thing is great news! Can you imagine, Walt Disney Features run by an ARTIST??? Who'da thought.
Hey, I love your blog! You have an amazing amount of talent! I especially like the Good, the Bad, the Ugly caricatures!

Stephen Worth said...

Good eye! I sent your link to Jerry Beck. Thanks for the link to the archive!


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