Apr 20, 2011

Alien Guy: UPDATE

UPDATE: For those of you interested in these sorts of things here is my speedily constructed base mesh....

Quick lunch type sketch. Started off as a doodle and expanded into a quick Sculptris sculpt, then finally colored in Photoshop.


Dave Greco said...

love how simple this one is.. nicely done.

Carlos V. said...

Lets see the sculpt!

Smeagol92055 said...

...Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Matthew Lillard?

Link for comparison:

Chad King said...

Stealth mode.

I second seeing the sculpt!

Rob said...

Fantastic Work. are you predominately a character artist? Also it would be really cool if you could take a look at some of my work. Im coming into the games industry, learning UDK as we speak, but i want to really push my 2D concepting. feed back would be greatly appreciated.

thanks Rob

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