Sep 10, 2009

Wizards of the Coast and Alice

Wow who knew that getting back into the swing of blogging after an extdended absence would be so friggin hard? I've been working on a variety of things lately, so I'll share a few of the latest:

This was done for the CGHUB Sketch Jam challenge : Alice in Wonderland. I had the idea of punking her out a bit, you don't often get to see a modern twist on these fairytale characters so with this idea I threw my hat in the ring.

The tattoos are based on Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, he illustrated the first edition of Alice in Wonderland in 1865.

The folowing Illustrations were done for Dragon Magazine, the official D&D magazine. These were a lot of fun to do, it was awesome to work with Jon Schindehette, Senior Art Director Dungeons & Dragons® Wizards of the Coast. You can find all of that issues Illos. here. Keep an eye out for my friend, co-worker, and all around Illustration badass Chad King's great work (fourth row down)

Thats it! Keep checking in for some more posts soon OR scroll to the bottom and sign up to follow my blog and be automatically updated!


mauricio salmon said...

nice! cools stuff primo.

Carlos V. said...

Damn those bone weapons will KILL you!!!!

Ben Lo said...

nice, i like the gloves)

of course the other ones are great too, i just like the feel of it

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