May 2, 2009

Boll Deevil


Wow what an honor to have been chosen as one of the winners of the Boll Deevil contest!! I definitely recommend you go over to Artorder and check out the rest of the entries (53 total!!) Congrats to Jasper Ng and Kiriko Moth as well!

This weeks Artorder challenge is a big one!

"The "Boll Deevil", a large and imposing critter - at least 15 feet in length. The attacks it can have I will leave up to you, but I want to see them. In other words, if it has a claw attack, I want to see claws that look like they can do real damage. If it has a breath weapon - show it's effect. " Jon Schindehette.

The winner of this weeks challenge wins a commission from either Dungeon or Dragon magazine!

So make sure to check the Jon's blog and wish me luck!


Studies for the head

Little sillhouette study for my own benefit, I ended up going for a more grotesque, aged look.


mauricio salmon said...

this is bad ass!

Piya said...

Damn that's good. I especially love the cinematic design and composition you've got going. You're kicking my butt with this contest...

Megsie said...

Mauricio is correct with his use of the technical term "badass"

Eliza Jäppinen said...

Your work is impeccable as usual. Thanks for your comment on my blog BTW. :) said...

Hey thanks guys!

Piya your entry was very impressive: so much energy!

Keep an eye out tomorrow, starting this week i'll be posting regularly on Wednesdays.


Adam Tamte Volker said...

cool stuff man, you did a great job on the Boll Deevil! ALSO!! I really dig the composition in the 'Dragon Run' piece a few posts down...wicked

I'll see you in the arena on the next artorder challenge.


Marco Caradonna said...


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