Feb 17, 2009


Carlos Villagra finally sent out the call for the newest Sketch-o-rama theme: Redesign Cobra Commander. I opted to go straight away for a more militaristic and severe look. I can invision this version of Cobra Commander just as easily ordering a glass of wine or ordering the deaths of millions.
Clearly his new facial "augmentations" don't prevent him from indulging, like a good villain.


Andrew Smenos said...

yes! said...

Thanks baldooch!

Kellee Riley said...

I have to say Jorge, your style is really coming along! I think you were meant for this type of stuff. Amazing to see your talent grow so much! Best of luck to you always! Keep the great work coming!

James Dylan said...

beautiful.. I can almost hear Chris Latta's hissing voice.

Chris Battle said...

Very cool!

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