May 23, 2008

Steam Punk Alice and Wonderland: Queen of Hearts

Another quickie done for the sketch a day blog, this time I took some drastic liberties with the character of the Queen of Hearts, this was a fun one. Would love to hear any and all feed back!


Carlos V. said...

WOW shes sooo awesome!! I cant wait to get back to this blog thing but freelance is kicking my ass, almost free though. This character design is just plain fun and the robotic arm with jacknife is always cool!!!

James Groman said...

What can I say...the work on your blog is so very impressive. I admire your drive and devotion to create! Time for a graphic novel, my friend.
good stuff,

Chris Battle said...

Dude... that's insane! Another masterpiece.

Howard Shum said...

Very cool design!

Gus! said...

great job!!

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