Mar 21, 2008

John Carter of Mars: Tars Tarkas revisited

SO the other night I could not sleep... and without really thinking about it I picked up my sketch book and started drawing. I just let my pencil wander and lo and behold Tars Tarkas began to appear all angry and yelling and carrying on. Once I was done drawing him he settled down and I went back to sleep and slept like a baby... A few days later this bit of news re-appeared on Jim Hill Media, weird huh? I can't wait to see what Pixar/Disney dose with this franchise and if by any odd coincidence they happen to need any additional design work done I AM available for freelance...ahem..well let me know what you guys think...cheers!


DIE-go said...

hey jorge, designs look good!
I love the ape looking one, it would look awesome if it were colored!

mauricio salmon said...

cool parce, andy mentioned your coming to NY for comicon, holla!

Jacob McAlister said...

Looks great man!

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