Feb 25, 2008

Sketch Download

Hey everyone, these sketches have been backing up so I think its a good time to post em. I've been taking some time away from vector programs and experimenting with new techniques, mediums and subject matter.

I've also been posting (semi daily) over at sketch a day, a blog I started up with my good friends Chad King and Laura Zimmermann. Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to leave some feedback.


PS: Check don' t think I've forgotten my peeps over at Sketch-o-rama
check it out and keep an eye out for more.


Eli said...

Hmmm, the images aren't showing for me...

Jorge said...

Hey Eli,

Not sure what the problem could be, try quitting out and restarting your browser. If you still can't see the images email me at:


Jacob McAlister said...

lookin great man. you been busy

Thomas Perkins said...

Great work, man! that Samurai is the STUFFS! I am very pleased to have discovered your blog. Nicely done, my friend.

Chris Battle said...

Absolute coolness!

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