Nov 26, 2007

Grendel: Redux

I'd been meaning to get back to messing with custom brushes in photoshop for a long time, after seeing Beowulf in 3-D last week ( great 3d effects, so so movie, not sold on full mocap movies yet but can see the potential) i whipped up this take on grendel as an experiment. It was so much fun creating textures and in PS, i highly recomend it. Still haven't been able to figure out how to customize brushes in Painter, if anyone knows any good tutorials please send a link my way!


Eliza Jäppinen said...

I really like the textures. I've been making a ton of custom brushes in Photoshop but now it's crashing it all the time so I've gotten disgruntled. I hope someone posts the tutorials for painter, I'd wanna know as well. :)

Also I think this is a better grendel.

mauricio salmon said...

damn! this is pretty cool parce, nice textures. i'm not really crazy about mocap either.

Clinton said...

ive started teaching myself digital painting in photoshop because im already used to the software. gnomon workshop has a real good intro to painter dvd that talks about custom brushes

Carlos V. said...

Dude this one is awesome!! You should do a ton of these quick digital studies like you were when you started the blog.

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