Jun 19, 2007


My co-worker and friend Saxton Moore recently told me about a great site called, it allows you to create t-shirts by uploading your own designs.The shirts are printed using a digital process that looks remarkably similar to silk screening, only there are no limits to how many colors you can use. Check out the Bountee banner on my sidebar to the left and buy a shirt!


Chris Battle said...

DUDE. Fucking SWEET! Just bought mine.

Jorge said...

Damn that was quick! thanks Chris!

RajkO said...

i didn't get chance to comment on moji but this one is extremely great.
take care.

Eliza Jäppinen said...

Hi there I met you at platfrom. I'm the finnish blonde girl. I really like your work awesome stuff. :)

story said...

customize your tee shirts now, be more stylish!

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