May 1, 2007

RoboCop: Redux

Here is yet another Sketch-O-Rama entry...RoboCo...errrr...Chik!

I'm probably the only person that actually really likes RoboCop 2 better than part 1. I remember my parents telling me there was no way they were letting me see RoboCop 2 opening week because of how violent it was, luckily my neighbors hadn't read any reviews and took me along with their kids to see it! Score! I have fond memories of Phil Tippet stop motion robots beating the crap out of eachother...those were the days,,,

"Cain LIKE nuke....hhhmmm..."


Paul M. said...

Officer Lewis, is that really you?(She can "book" me anytime!)

Chris Battle said...

"I'll buy that for a dollar!"

mauricio salmon said...

i love it!

Agnostics_R_Us said...

Technician: "We were able to save both breasts."

Bob Morton: "I thought we agreed on full body proth...wait a minute. NVM. Good work."

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