Jul 26, 2006



Kim said...

Hey Jorge!

Nice stuff ya got here. It's so cool to see your professional work, specially since having seen your stuff in the "middle school" era! :)

Thanks for your comment. I'll definitely be back here too.

Carlos V. said...

Damn dude these are real hot! I love them, are they a project you're working on or just for fun? I'll call you this weekend sometime. Peace!!

Marmax said...

Really cool desgins! I reallu like the wolf!

Jeff Harter said...

Neat stuff, Jorge. What's V?

Robin Hall said...

it's been way too long since I've checked back here, but man! I always find your art so unique and wild!

I love the RIFF post a couple down too, iconic art really captivates me.

Keep up the great art!

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